Half-built slate retaining wall with cedar raised bed above and craftsman house in the background

Impermanence, OR how to act when the future isn’t coming

Reading [listening to] Terry Tempest Williams’s essay collection Erosion: Essays of Undoing while building my retaining wall [and maybe doubling down on irony]. It is a transcript of a conversation between herself and Tim deChristopher before his 2011 sentencing after being found guilty of violations of the Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Reform Act.Continue reading “Impermanence, OR how to act when the future isn’t coming”

On Freedom, OR: ‘Murica!

This is a post I wanted to write, or was mentally writing, on US Independence Day, but was not at liberty to sit down and actually write, which continues to strike me as ironic [kind of like everything about the American concept of “freedom”]. I don’t know what “freedom” is, or rather that is misdirectionContinue reading “On Freedom, OR: ‘Murica!”

OMG Mother’s Day, again

A childhood friend of mine lost her mother to covid this year. I used to spend many weekend nights over at their house when I was in middle school. Her mother was always gracious and supportive of this odd, heathen child who said strange things at her dinner table. All day yesterday my idle mindContinue reading “OMG Mother’s Day, again”


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