Obsolescence, OR Bildungsroman

My oldest kid is turning 13 in less than a week. By itself this doesn’t really mean a lot because age is just a number. It is not so much that I feel like, as common parenting tropes would suggest, that it all goes by so fast. No, I would not trade an “ok boomer”Continue reading “Obsolescence, OR Bildungsroman”

Sylvia Plath and Parenting

OR, Toward an Equity of Selfishness I’m not well suited to the realities of parenthood. Parenting, especially for the female presenting parent – the mother – is a fairly consuming process. Children need and want things and parent needs and wants come second. I have a more artistic, erratic and fluid sense of my ownContinue reading “Sylvia Plath and Parenting”

On Middle Age, Intentional Parenting and Media Criticism

Recently, I have reached the point in my life where I am past the age of experts, which is to say that I am actually in the cohort of “real” adults who are driving the status quo and the locus of common sense that everyone else is relying upon to construct their reality. What thisContinue reading “On Middle Age, Intentional Parenting and Media Criticism”