Reality, Mysticism and Psychedelia

The first time I ever “tripped” I was sitting in a university classroom. I went on a mystical journey to a time before time, where the totality of what would have been existence represented itself to me as a tableau my mind could comprehend: a committee meeting to choose the laws of physics where godContinue reading “Reality, Mysticism and Psychedelia”

Why an oracle [and what’s a(n) hierophany]?

When you are raised by atheists in the Bible Belt you can’t help but be a little religio-curious [pretty sure that is a new coinage, but it’s my language too]. Religio-curious adjective. (of a secular person) interested in or curious about having a religious experience or in religious persons, groups and history. As a youngContinue reading “Why an oracle [and what’s a(n) hierophany]?”