selfie style image of a white woman with brown hair and green eyes who has given up on plucking her eyebrows, looking to the side, with large Brussel sprout growing in the background

Jemma Z, the oracle

Resident of Helena, MT. Urban homesteader. Mother to two somebodies. Recovering librarian. Happily pair bonded. Polymath. Neither an early bird nor a night owl. Queer. Reluctant information technologist and wage laborer. ActuallyAutistic. Centered in radical doubt and militant agnosticism. Ambidextrous. Makes a damn fine pie. Fiber artist. Reads to learn and writes to think. Pacifist. Maintains she’s not over-thinking it. Aries. Working to be intersectional AF. Unitarian Universalist. Happy to mess up with an audience. Millennial. Would like to be reincarnated as a house cat.

All photography is my own unless otherwise attributed.

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