Nobody reads your blog…

In the earlier days of the Internet I had a blog. It was with blogger and I was in college. Like all things from the early 2000s, it looks a bit dated and self-indulgent from the vantage point of adulthood even though it was age appropriate. Though I have been a writer since forever, I have long lacked the I-don’t-give-a-fucks to write like only the not-trolls are reading. But I want to try this thing again even though [in the back of my mind] I know that nobody reads blogs.

Who cares.

Most of my friends live on the internet and there is not a great way to talk to them. Though a blog is more like a villain monologuing than a conversation between equals, I am hoping to be able to engage with some people I already care about without the specter of social media reducing us all to monosyllables and factually misleading memes. Maybe I will even meet some other people who aren’t interesting in shouting when they encounter a new idea.

I prefer long form writing because through the process of getting the words out I understand better what I think. This means two things:

  1. Lots of words, y’all. I’m not going to tldr; all of this because as a consenting adult you’ll stop reading if you get bored and if you don’t, that’s on you. I promise to not be boring, but at the same time, my consideration of the interests of my audience is going to be uneven. Sometimes I am the lady at the party who talks about the Smart Grid for 45 minutes. I am just doing it to find someone else who wants to talk about it too. While gardening might be of interest to you, long discussions of cosmology or anarchism might not be. That’s ok.
  2. I will mess up. Though ostensibly I am introverted, I like to bounce ideas off of other humans. This is because my internal barometer for how appropriate or intelligible something might be is mis-calibrated [that doesn’t mean I am going to spout nonsense]. It actually means like I like to mess up with an audience sometimes because I understand that the process of making meaning is collaborative and I don’t really care if I fall on my face because I get up every time.

This isn’t going to be a Live Journal situation most of the time. I find me interesting, but I get that most people want to talk about either themselves or common interests. So I would prefer to talk about myself only peripherally and more about things I have read, watched, made, heard, researched or got really pissed off about [not that I want to devolve into disaster porn over here, because I do not].

I like to tell my kids that there are no things about which I have thought that I have not thought about deeply. Deep thinking is sort of my yoga.

Things I am interested in [not an exhaustive list]:
  • sustainable agriculture
  • intersectional environmentalism
  • technology
  • standup comedy
  • zero waste [but not performative zero waste]
  • religion and spirituality
  • free range parenting
  • philosophy
  • economics
  • knitting, needle felting and fiber arts
  • interior design
  • conscious consumerism and creative reuse
  • the autism spectrum and neurodiversity
  • the climate crisis [and solutions to it]
  • baking, cooking and farm to table
  • class and examining my privilege
  • astronomy
  • biomimicry
  • how best to Amerishould

If you ever want me to write about something, hmu in the comments. Changes are good I will get to all these things and more if this experiment works out.

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